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Saffron Gourmet from Spain


Our saffron is grown in Moratalla-Murcia-Spain.

The distance of this population to La Mancha is only 1.5 kilometers. Logically, the climate and soil  are completely similar to those of La Mancha.

That is why, although our saffron does not look the seal of the PDO Saffron from La Mancha, can be called a 'Manchego' saffron.

250,000 saffron flowers are needed to make one kilogram of spice.

Therefore it reaches high prices relative to other spices; because its cultivation, harvesting and handling are very laborious.


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Hebras de Azafrán

 But in reality, it is very cheap. If you buy it for 6 € / gram (600 cents / gram) and since each gram contains about 200 strands, each strand is only cost you 3 cents. A ridiculous amount, right?.

  I give you an example: a paella for 4 people.

As you will use only 2 strands of our excellent saffron for each diner, you will spend 24 cents in transforming a normal paella in a paella-gourmet.

 Your family and/or your guests notice the difference.

Compare it with what you have spent in the other ingredients.

Saffron also has many applications in medicine, herbal and dietary.

For instance, saffron shown effective in treatment of premenstrual syndrome - PMS.

Convince yourself reading the  scientific report.

Saffron is subject to very different adulterations and falsifications using its name and its value.

We can say that    fraud is widespread in our dear Spain.

Watch a  recent case of forgery.

To distinguish an adulterated saffron research   here.

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